Aptoide Latest v8.6.4.1 Download For Android 2018

Aptoide is standing for an open source app management tool, which is working on an alternative solution to purchase Android apps and games. It is free to download and use Aptoide. You can download all apps and games for absolutely free. What is awesome is, you can download paid Android apps for absolutely free also. Users will have an ability to download this particular app purchasing platform for Android device safely. It is basically a platform which is community driven. You can easily identify all its programs which is community driven.


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Ok, so if you tend to use this amazing app market, you can simply manage your very own store also. This will particularly give you an ability to find a suitable way to share all your apps and games with your community members. Well, you can find almost any feature that you are about to find any Android app purchasing platform. Means that, you will not have to look for all features because by default you will get all of them. This is an app where all developers of this app have tested and proven it’s free from virus attacks. This app will clearly give you some security checking ability and give you a simple ability to understand that this app is safe.

Features of Aptoide App

  1. Aptoide is an app which delivers all apps for free and also games.
  2. You do not need to make an account or sign in using your Google ID.
  3. This app will have a user interface which is really nice and cool to see.
  4. Aptoide app will support several languages to cope with.
  5. Users can make your own store and share details and there apps and games also.
  6. Aptoide app will give you a chance to download any previous app or game version that you are compatible with.
  7. Aptoide app is working as a good alternative for Android official app market Google playstore.

Download Aptoide for Android device

Ok, so now you are about to download this app on your Android device. For that, you have to make sure that your Android device is suitable for this process. Your Android device should allow Aptoide App to download and install without any issue. And for that particular step, you have to do some configurations.

Step. Since Aptoide app is a third party app, you have to get permission to install this app on your Android device. That you can do by clicking on unknown sources on your Android device setting section. You cannot download an alternative for Google play store from Google itself. So you have to look for a suitable website and a source which provides you an error free file to download.

Install Aptoide for Android device

Step 1. First of all, you have to download this Android apk app.

aptoide download
Step 2. Click on downloaded apk file.

download aptoide apk
Step 3. Then you can install it on your Android device.

install aptoide
Soon after, you can use this app and download all paid apps for free.

Android versions supported by Aptoide

Now, you will have a question about what kinds of Android operating system versions are supporting this app. well, now we will provide you the answer. Let us check this list, so you can simply have a look at how far you can use this app on Android operating system versions.

  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Jellybean
  • Kit Kat
  • Lollipop

Finally, it will support Marshmallow also.

Sometimes, because of some circumstances, you cannot reach or open Google play store. So in such situations, Aptoide App is your choice to make.

Is Aptoide Safe?

We all know that Aptoide app is best alternative for Google play store. And now, you will get a question that how safe is it to use for us apart from Google play store? Will it give us that same secure feeling by using Google play store? Aptoide is an alternative app for Google play store, where over 120,000 apps have been served for users. This particular app marketing platform is using repositories which is an APT style. Now, with Aptoide, you can create and manage your own store. So that feature makes you easy to share your own repositories and files with other users also. You can share any file between devices also.

All of these apps and games are offered for free. And again, you will get one more advantage because of that. That is this process will not include any license server also. But then, you will get a question, is this app is safe to use? O worries. This app will not cause you any harm. And also, you can have all apps and games of this amazing app for free. Not only that, you can simply download music, TV shows and magazines for absolutely free. And all apps and games which are in this app market are properly checked for virus and malware attacks. So you do not have to worry about.

Google play store will offer you some apps for money. They are paid versions. But with Aptoide app, you can get all of them for free. No hidden charges are there. Users will have an ability to simply purchase any paid apps for free. And also, they can get all MOD apps easily. And there you can have all hacked versions which are from this amazing app market. Make sure that you are downloading this app from its official website.

Aptoide app will allow many telecommunication companies also. This app will simply allow OEM developers and many also many more companies in order to distribute all their Android apps via there store.